Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saturday Long Run

We will meet on Saturday at the store at 8 a.m. sharp for a long run on the towpath. The plan is simply to go 5 out, 5 back and repeat. This will allow anyone planning to go long on Sunday to do the usual 10-12. Also, with the heat, it's an easy way to make sure we have access to water. We can stash some drinks near where we start and also stop along the way. There are water fountains or pumps out there, right? If not, I'll get out early and put some water out around Fletcher's.

Wiggy and I have discussed treating the second half of the workout as a progression run, though this is of course optional. Let us know if you are planning on coming so we will know who to wait for, but hopefully there's no waiting.

Even I will be on time to this one.


Joe Wiggy said...

Been at the mva again all day... so just getting to respond. I know we will hit water at Fletchers... and I believe it is close to being 5 out when you get to the pigtail (where other water fountain is)... if not we may have to go out a bit more... I am going to look at the map and try to figure it out for tomorrow

Big City said...

I will be there at 8pm but I won't be doing 10mi

Kent Werner said...

Mind if I join u gents tomorrow morning? I'm a HC Strider in town for the weekend. Thanks.


DM said...

more the merrier, Kent. See ya in the morning.