Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Who is in for tomorrow?

I feel like there are two options. There is the usual track workout which we determine while warming up. I like a ladder.

Or, I have a feeling it might be a good week to sneak off the track and go medium long, like 15 miles. We could still meet at BCC, train on CCT and finish with some 200s on the track. I think I would be OK with just doing the run at a moderate pace, though I would also be open to inserting some tempo effort stuff in the latter stages.


Karl D. said...

I can't make it to BCC in the evening. I am running a workout in the AM and I'll think I'll be doing hill repeats at Cabin John on Tuckerman Lane. If someone else can't make the evening and wants to join me, please let me know.

Mike C said...

In for Wednesday. That 15 m/200's workout works for me

Joe Wiggy said...

Do you want to do a straight 15 miles then follow it by 200's? Would you guys be interested in doing 10 miles first, follow it with 8 x 200 w/ 200run between, then 3 miles easy to follow.

DM said...

Something like that can definitely work. We'll figure it out when we meet up.