Monday, February 28, 2011

LATE FLASH: Mighty Matias Beats Up Colonial Half Marathon

Matias, he of the bowling ball calves, crushes/smashes/destroys/pummels/bullies/stabs/strangles/throws a heavy object at/(insert violent verb here) the tough Colonial Half Marathon, in 1:16:40, good for 9th overall. Notes he kept an even effort and is a good indicator of where he is now in his running fitness.

Says the calven one: "Happy with performance, looking forward to getting back out there Wednesday nights... all that work through the winter is starting to pay dividends."

1 comment:

MAX said...

MIGHY MATIAS, you lost to Mike Wardian by five minutes. this was his third race of the day and he is 10 years older than you. wtf

demessa teferra won it in 109.00 after getting lost for 3 minutes(ran off course)