Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey (reprint from 2007)

whats up. My name is Joe Wiegner. I met Jake Klim at the Shamrock 5k in Baltimore 2 weeks ago and he talked to me about the georgetown running co and sent me an email to be a part of this blog. I live in Germantown and have been running solo since I moved down to maryland from philadelphia (in the summer). I went to JMU with Ben for a year (he was a senior, i was a frosh). I talked to ben about the club a while back but with my busy schedule starting up my first year as a teacher, I didn't have too much time to run earlier this fall/winter. Ben, i apoligize for not getting back to you sooner... it has been crazy with my job and helping to plan a [REDACTED] for june. Recently I have gotten back into it and am racing again.... I am really looking for an organized team to race with/maybe meet up with 2 times a week or so to run/workout with. As you all know, its tough to stay motivated when your running solo. I previously ran with the Brooks Manhattan TC and after leaving philadelphia, the distance was too far to get up to the city on weekends... I really want to get involved with this team cause Ben and Jake both have told me some good things about the club. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I look forward to meeting everyone.
Also, I wasn't sure who is up for running any track meets this spring but I was looking at possibly running at the U of MD meet in two weeks (as a workout).
See you soon,
Joe Wiegner


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Did anyone reply to his initial post?

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Good ol' Joe.