Thursday, February 24, 2011


Brothers and Sisters/Friends and Foes(anonymous) and so on

It would be pleasant and nice to have a full compliment of athletes to win the Marine Corps Marathon team competition.

The race is now officially sold out so the best and or, only way of entry is via the team route.

Jake, this can be your comeback race. I can hear it now. "Jake Klim, former local road racing star, makes comeback with miraculous win at Marine Corps Marathon" the local crowds will be cheering and Jake becomes a running legend that little kids will talk about for generations to come.

OK, aside from this side story others can and should join the fray. Please think it over and consider this opportunity.



Charlie Ban said...

You should race it, Max. Show Anonymous what you're made of.

Anonymous said...

Max, I'm Anonymous, actually Alcohol Anonymous which is why I don't dear share my name, I challenge you Max Lockwood to the 26.2 beer mile challenge, only punks drink water and powerade, real men drink beer and hard liquor along the way, I mean this is what the Presidents want on the Beer Tariff drink all the beer you can while running the marathon distance a real true test of how the body and mind work

your friend aka Foe,

MAX said...

Basically, I would be happy to throw down with anybody on this sad ass blog/race team for a drink/party to you drop event. I mean hanging out in D-town Bethesda watching re-runs of Running Races and drinking Miller light won't cut it. If you want to hang on U st and do some nastyness at a Punk Rock/funkadelic move and groove joint then so be it.

Oh my, I really have digressed.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

maybe Max can just run as bandit like what he did last year in Al Lewis ten miler ...