Saturday, February 5, 2011

Race Day in San Diego

From Joe: the mission bay xc course is a set up like i have never seen before. The 2k loop that will be run 6 times, is in a very small area of the park. the best way to describe it is like a roller coaster. you are pretty much either turning right, left, or going up or down small hills. the start stretch runs about 350meters which is a nice however i like the flow of this technical course... the final wrap around turn on the bell lap should be crazy.

UPDATE: glorious weather greets harriers on starting line

2:00PM - Wiggy blasts off from starting line, 12k to go...

Leaders, including Moran, Bruce, hit 1K in 2:54

Leaders pass 2k in manageable 5:55

Williamsburg-based Moran leads pack, 3k is hit in 8:53

Moran, Quigley lead giant pack. Most favorites appear in pack. 11:52 at 4k (2.5 miles)

14:54 at 5k. Torres, Teg Vaughn also among leaders

17:50 at 6k - King, Teg, Torres, Bauhs, Vaughn, Jankowski, Carloson, Mack, Cheseret


Brent Vaughn breaks away, has 20m lead, 20:50 at 7k. Vaughn is murdering the field at 9 k

Teg, Bumby, Jankowski, lead the chase pack, hit 26:51 at 9k

Brent Vaughn still has commanding lead, is running race of life

Brent Vaughn will win USATF XC Champs, easily. Moran, True, King (7), Carlson (8), Jankowski, Torres, Cheseret, Mack

No Wiggy reports yet


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