Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pies, Presidents, and WIND!

Fighting through steady 30+ MPH winds and even stronger gusts, the GRC team put together some decent efforts at the By George 5K and 10K this morning. The times tell the story... At least everyone got a pie.

Approximate results:


2. Ban - 16:55


1. Dusen - 31:52
2. Outlaw - 32:25
3. Wiggy - 32:42
4. Luff - 33:10
6. Murphy - 35:11
7. Hughes - 35:52

The flag blows at full attention on Hains Point at the By George 10K


Big City said...

Great job guys! run from the Line tomorrow?

Karl D. said...

Yes, the line tomorrow at 9. Who's going to be there?

Sam L said...

I"ll be there. Shooting for 15 or 16.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

MCRRC country road 5 miler is tomorrow morning.

RM said...

Geez, you guys ALL ripped it up. Great job! Times like that should make all your flags fly at full attention.