Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry: The good news is that BCC is clear and ready to use tomorrow.  there are still some icy patches in the outer lanes but lane 1 is clear all the way around, so as long as we're mindful of the icy spots we'll have no problems getting in the workout.  What I have in mind is 6 x 1200 with a 400 jog.  The A group will shoot for 2 @ 3:42, 2 @ 3:36, 2 @ 3:30, ie 74s, 72s, 70s,  and the B group will be a tad slower, probably in the 2 @ 79, 2 @ 77, 2 @ 75 range, but those targets are definitely not firm, so we can adjust as necessary.  See you tomorrow.

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