Monday, February 7, 2011

The CC Store Needs Help

All, I got the following msg from Ben Cooke. Please "comment" if you can help and which night you might be able to do this. Perhaps Tuesday night? I will do my best to make it, but I have a crazy work week scheduled. 

We need some help on bib assembly. I would offer store credit and pizza and beer. my guess this would take a few hours on evening at Chevy Chase.. like a 7 pm to 9pm shift. I would like 3 people. next monday tuesday or wednesday.


Also if anyone in the group has any interest in learing how to time races it could benefit the race team and the individual. We have the equipment but we need someone who is organized, has a natural interest, and is somewhat comfortable with computers. They do not need to be a programer or anything just need to be comfortable with technology. (the last is probablly the least importnant.


So two different things above.  Please send the word out.                  


What:  Bib assembly scanning and affixing electronic chips to bibs

Where: Chevy Chase running Co

When: any evening next week after work. (7pm)



Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Okay, if you have spot open on Monday night, then I will comes put in my two cents, and earn some credits. I also would like to learn about race timing.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

I can go weds night if you need someone

Unknown said...

I can do Monday night

Big City said...

I don't have any home games next week so I can help out. Monday or Tuesday is best, just let me know.

Paul Guevara said...

If Outlaw is going Wednesday, I can join him if the extra help is needed.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

so whats the deal on this? ben? max? anyone? bueller? Bueller?

O'B said...

I can help any night except Monday. I'm also interested in timing. Just let me know.