Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Marathon

Registration for Chicago opens today.  Last year, it sold out in 51 days and I'm guessing it will be less than that this year.  I just signed up and here is the link for anyone else interested.


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Is it going to closed by COB today?

KLIM said...

My guess is that it will close very soon...within the week or two?

This is the new trend people.

RM said...

Man people just don't learn.

Uncle Buttweenis said...

In the name of helpfulness, here are some other marathon registration dates for Fall/Winter '11-'12:

Twin Cities: Today (Feb. 2)
Marine Corps: Feb. 23
Steamtown: April 1
Philadelphia(the full): April 1
NYC: Now until April 19(lottery) or April 30 if qualified
Houston '12: June 1

Patrick Hughes said...

Has there been talk of a team trip again? Is anyone running New York?