Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Run Progression from the store Saturday morning

Hey guys,
  Anybody interested in starting at 8:30am from the store tomorrow?  I am going long progression tomorrow (18).  I want to get the long run progression out of the way because I have to hit the track tuesday again.  Let me know if anyone wants in.
miles 1-3: easy
miles 4-10: med
miles 11-17miles: hard but controlled
mile 18: easy

Joe Wiggy


DM said...

I think back in the day -- the 80s? -- there WERE college guys who trained for fall thons?

Joe Wiggy said...

Is that a yes or no that you will be joining me? haha

P Murph said...

I'll be at the store on Saturday, but I worked out today so I'll just be running the usual 10-11 miles easy.

I think Dix was responding to Marren's previous post.

DM said...

Yes. Yes I was.

Wiggy I would join you, but I have class at 9 a.m. Same old story.

Big City said...

65 minutes for Chuck