Thursday, September 9, 2010

DEVELOPING ... Marathon Simulator

Some people are running Parks this weekend, others are running the Distance Run next weekend, others are injured, others naturally wouldn't want any part of this. I am fairly sure, in fact, that no one will. But ... I want to put this out there anyway so people have options.

On Sunday, I plan to do a Hansons-style 26.2K marathon simulator -- here is some info on it:,7120,s6-239-399--12148-0,00.html -- in Hains Point, which mimics Chicago's pancake flatness.

The rumored length of "the loop," which incorporates Buckeye Drive, is 3.2 miles. Can anyone confirm? 5 laps, then, is a perfect 16 -- and a good excuse to nix the last .3 to make it 26.2. Hopefully I will have time to drive out there this early evening and doublecheck the length (no need to be exact, just want to make sure it's close).

The last logistical issue is, of course, the Nation's Tri. The 10K goes through Hains Point. My intel from Chicken Tenders says that the first wave starts at 7, so the race should not make it through Hains until 8:30 "at the latest." Start time is 6:45. Afterward, I am going to try to yell something at Tenders (just not, "Go, Charlie!")


P Murph said...

I was on board until I read 6:45 start time... yeesh.

Matias said...

Loop is as close to 3.2 miles as it gets

DM said...

Thanks, Matias. Very helpful.

UPDATE: Emily will be joining me on a bicycle.

Andy said...

Find a swimmer, Dickson, and you can have a triathlon relay team (You might want to ask Charlie, he's interested in triathlons).