Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Training this week

I will not be at the track Wednesday. My plan -- first week of taper -- does not call for a track workout this week, and I have a lot of work/school related things to take care of. I really like Pete Pfitzinger's taper; check it out if you are interested: http://pfitzinger.com/labreports/marathontaper.shtml

I'm doing some accelerations on grass tomorrow and a 5-mile tempo on Friday in Hains Point. Paul does plan to be at BCC, so perhaps he can share his plan ... For now on, let's shoot to have the workout prepared before we all show up.

Next week, I'll be ready to hit the track for 3 by 1 mile at 5K effort, plus like 4 150s.

The Wednesday after that -- race week -- I would like to meet for our 3-mile dress rehearsal.

Lastly, I've heard from some of you about dinner at Frankie's the night before the marathon. The reservation is in, but I have a window where I can add on. If you are in, please e-mail me before Friday.

The real lastly: I am going 17 on Sunday. The Line is fine by me, but if anyone has something else in mind, do suggest ...


Unknown said...

I'm thinking of a ladder for Wednesday. Something like 400-800-1200-1600-1600-1200-800-400 if anyone is interested.

Joe Wiggy said...

I REALLY like that workout Jimmy! I unfortunately will be at a school meeting until 8 and had to workout during my break today.

Unknown said...

We can always save it for another week. I will likely run on my own if no one is going to BCC.