Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend Runs

For those of you staying in town this weekend, let's take advantage of the long weekend for some great runs. This weekend begins marks 20 WEEKS UNTIL CHICAGO!

Saturday: I believe Max wants our help at the Save the Trail 5K in Bethesda. The race begins at 9AM at Elm Street Park. I'll let Max chime in with a comment about what he's looking for. We should use this to promote our upcoming race in just three weeks (!). If you also bring your used shoes to donate to Chuck's charity, you can do whatever the heck you want the rest of the weekend and still get into heaven. We can go for a run on the Capital Crescent Trail when our duties are done.

Sunday: I'm proposing a long run at Greenbelt Park. This gives people flexibility to run together as long as they like and jump off at any point. Let's plan to meet at 9 AM. Perhaps we can stop over in College Park for breakfast afterwards.

Monady: This seems like a cop out, but how about we meet at The Line at 9AM? If anybody is up for something more adventurous or creative, I'll happily change plans.

Please post in the comments if you will be able to attend any of these runs, and if you have any other ideas for locations or times.


Chris Vames Sloane said...

I will be returning from Florida Sunday, so Monday I will be able to meet up. The Line sounds fine with me.

dirkdeheer said...

andy and I will come monday, but may be 10 min late because we are cycling before.