Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dirk de Heer of the Netherlands coming out of transition at the ITU Duathlon World Championships.


dirkdeheer said...

haha, how'd you get that matias? You know that I didn't even know Shoemaker was next to me coming out of transtion until after the race? He beat me by 58sec though! I'm determined to return the favor and find a pic of you in Kona soon! Good luck with the final prep!

KLIM said...

To Dirk's right is Olympic Tri guy Jarod Shoemaker - an awesome D1 runner from Dartmouth.

Good work Dirk.

Matias said...

A good write up on the race

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Dirk - what an impressive showing!

readers, make sure you check out the video in the race report link matias provided.

RM said...

Shoemaker used to wipe everyone up at a race on LBI in NJ in the summers when he lifeguarded there. We knew he could swim and run, and then it was just a matter of riding, which when you're that fit really isn't too hard if you put in the work.

Pretty darn impressive on behalf of Dirk for being up there with an Olympian!