Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday Run

Dylan has proposed meeting for a Sunday long run at Difficult Run. Any takers? Let's plan to meet at 9.


Peter said...

I'm in. Dylan, I've been running there a lot lately and unless you have a specific route in mind I can lead you guys on an epic route through Great Falls to Riverbend park and up to Clark's landing. Its mostly rolling trails with good footing. We can also make a loop so there will be options to go 12 miles or up to 20+

If anyone needs a ride over from DC, contact me.

Joe Wiggy said...

Hey... I will not be able to attend on Sunday morning... but I will be game for next wednesday's workout. I have been M.I.A with school meetings and such. Things are calming down now so I will be able to get out more. Have a good run

bain said...

I'll be there. Should be nice and muddy!