Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Track Workout

Any thoughts on emphasis of workout tomorrow night? I am good with speed, strength or both. Some ideas I will throw out.
1. 4 sets of 600, 400, 200. 200 rest b/w reps (400 b/w sets)

2. 16 x 400 (4 sets of 4) getting quicker each set.
100-200 rest b/w reps (400 b/w sets)
3. 2 mile tempo (400 rest),
400 (200 rest)
400 (200 rest)
600 (200 rest)
600 (200 rest)
400 (200 rest)

Let me know what you all are planning... I am flexible. Just happy to have people to train with



KLIM said...

This sounds awesome, but I am forgoing the workout b/c of my tendon.

Next Wednesday Dickson and I are doing 3 miles at 13.1 mile pace.

DM said...

Door number three sounds good, but I'm fairly flexible. I had suggested 1000s in an email ... We can figure it out during the warmup

Joe Wiggy said...

I am good with 1000's. I was just throwing out ideas. see you guys tonite
Jake and Dickson, I like the 3 mile workout next week... I may jump in with you guys if that is cool and do some turnover there after.

Karl D. said...

I like the idea of some 1000's followed by a few 200m strides.