Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dirk takes 12th @ ITU World Duathlon Championships pro race...Matias finishes as 7th amateur

Not too shabby gentlemen...way to throw it down against an international field.

12th and 7th in the world is very respectable, to say the least.

1.Jarrod Shoemaker - USA1:49:02
2.Damien Derobert - FRA1:49:02
3.Jurgen Dereere - BEL1:49:09
4.Sergio Silva - POR1:49:26
5.Victor Manue Del Corral Morales1:49:28
6.Raphael Baugh - AUS1:49:33
7.Richard Hobby - GBR1:49:44
8.Alessandro Fabian - ITA1:49:50
9.Lino Barruncho - POR1:49:52
10.Morimichi Iihoshi - JPN1:49:53
11.Yuya Fukaura - JPN1:49:56
12.Dirk De Heer - NED1:50:00
13.Philip Wylie - GBR1:50:02
14.Antoine Duvivier - BEL1:50:03
15.Tiago Silva - POR1:50:07

1.Matthew Sheeks - USA1:43:30
2.Justin Harris - USA1:43:34
3.Dirk Heinze - USA1:45:24
4.Rocha Jonas - BRA1:45:28
5.Frank Silvestrin De Souza1:45:44
6.Ian Cardy - GBR1:46:34
7.Matias Palavecino - USA1:46:55
8.Nicholas Sterghos - USA1:46:59
9.Kevin Oconnor - USA1:47:23
10.Todd Wiley - USA1:47:32


P Murph said...

Congrats guys! Very impressive performances.

Joe Wiggy said...

Congratulations! Way to represent!

Matias said...

They let us race on the NASCAR race track. Good stuff.

Check out this prize purse. Who'd a thought there's so much money in duathlon.

Dirk walks away w/ $312.50

Peter said...

Nice racing!

RM said...

Were there differences in the course/how were amateur times that much faster?

dirkdeheer said...

yeah, different courses. Our first run hurt pretty bad, the cycling was hard as hell, for sure it was long (we did not average 23, at least 25.5, I was barely hanging on drafting). I think most of us were pretty beat the second run! I started next to shoemaker the last 5k (I found that out because there is a picture on!), but couldn't follow anymore!

Matias said...

In our race run was about a minute short, bike was more like 23 miles instead of 25 and the last 5k was about 30 seconds short. So it was more like a 6mile-23mile-3mile duathlon.

Dirk had an incredible race. The only difference between him and first place is cycling experience. Shoemaker has spent years on the bike compared to Dirk.

bain said...

Great job, guys!