Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First off, congrats to Matias and Dirk for great racing! I can't wait to race with you guys soon. As far as this week goes, I'll be at BCC tomorrow for the track workout at 6:30. Who else will be there? Any ideas for the workout?

Also, I will be making my racing debut for the GRC this Saturday at the Kentlands 5K. Any one else racing there? I might need one of your old Brooks jerseys to race in if any of you guys have a medium one.



P Murph said...

I'll be at the workout. Should we plan for Rock Bottom (or somewhere else) afterwards?

Matias said...

Badass, GRC has 2:20 Dusen?!? And Dirk?

THis calls for a celebration and a little taunting


Yea you Mr Pacer who wishes his team could be as cool as GRC*.

(*Except Bert and Robbie they are awesome ppl)

Karl D. said...

Rock Bottom sounds great! And if any ladies are reading this, Emily and Holly will be meeting at the track too. You should meet up. Those two and Shannon are trying to start up a women's team again!

DM said...

Hey guys. I have to work tomorrow night so I won't be able to make the workout. I am going to do a longer run with some tempo in the morning. Hopefully we can get something going for the weekend.

RM said...

We're hosting a track 5000m on Saturday September 12th up here in Baltimore, 10am. It's going to be low key (no registration, no amenities, but we are going to have top 3 $) - it's a good warmup for anybody racing PDR the following week.

Email if interested, rmcgrath@tmo.blackberry.net and I'll give some more info