Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Draft-legal Duathlons, great for runners!

Next saturday the 26th are the world duathlon champs in Concord, NC, where Matias and I will compete!

As prep, last week I did a draft-legal (like LJ regularly does in tri's) duathlon in France, which was quite an experience! It was about 2.9M run-12M bike-1.5M run. I ran the first 2.9M in 14.21 and was in a group of 4. One guy was fast in the exchange and got away, while the other 3 of us got caught by a group of about 12 guys. The drafting is fun, exciting (a bit dangerous at times) and a lot better for runners than the time trial rides! The group stayed together til the end of the ride, but I changed terribly and started the run in 11th. Luckily the differences were small and I was able to move back to 3rd. Quite and experience and good preparation for the worlds, where it will be drafting for me as well, even though the distance is longer 10k-40k-5k.

Definitely a recommendation for any runner that enjoys a change!


Matias said...

That's impressive. You're going sub 5 min pace for the runs and 25mph for the bike, you guys were flying! Nice work and in true GRC fashion moved from 11th to 3rd on the last run.

Matias said...

And to add PReaves won that's right won his first ever triathlon down in Duke, his RR is good stuff especially the part where he goes into the swim finish.

RM said...

Dirk - presume you're just on a road bike? Are you allowed to use spinacci's or little aerobars?

dirkdeheer said...

RM- it is allowed to use the really small aerobars, (they can't stick out further than your brakes), and there has to be a connection piece between them; they can't be open. AKA: I removed them and just rode with a roadbike, which was fine because there were so many turns there was not much room for aero riding anyway. Matias- 25MPH is not that difficult with a group of 12 guys, even though the riding is more like riding a crit.

RM said...

That stinks, you definitely used to be able to use the spinacci aerobars (I think Cinelli made them?) and they weren't connected across the middle. But you're right, at that point it really doesn't make a different other than maybe giving you a little break from riding on the drops or low on the brake hoods or something.

Awesome job!