Saturday, September 12, 2009

FLASH: Dusen tops Smits at McGrath 5k

Karl Dusen ran away from Kyle Smits in the last 600m to win the first annual Ryan McGrath Invite.
15:06 - Dusen
15:14 - Smits
15:35 - Mike Smith
15:52 - Ben Ingram
Jeff Gaudette dropped out per calf pain
Splits - 4:49, 9:40

REPORT FROM RACE DIRECTOR McGRATH (reprinted withOUT permission):

In heat #1, Barf took things out and led a small group composed of Mellow Mike, Kristen Till and Eileen. They came through 4 laps in roughly 5:43 it looked like, which is definitely a quick pace. Ultimately Eileen and Kristen opened a gap and came through 3200 in 11:33. With Kristen in hot pursuit, Eileen just kept burning up the track and crossed the line in 18:08 with Kristen at 18:18. Mellow came through in 18:51 and then Diane was 3rd lady to cross the line at 19:12 (a post-collegiate PR!). Alex made a return to running for this special occasion, running 19:39, and Barf faded but got under 20 (19:55). Lisa and Lauren ran close together for most of the race, finishing in superb times of 20:15 and 20:34. Chrissie and Claire were both out enjoying the Saturday chill run, going 22:02 and 22:09, and then Alix Ruth with a 30 second all-time PR came through at 23:49.

Heat #2 was pretty stacked. The collective resumes of the field boast quite a few sub 30min 10k guys, some 2:20 marathons - basically a pretty awesome group. The race was on from the start with a pack of 5 (Karl Dusen, Kyle Smits, Mike Smith, Jeff Gaudette and Ben) leading the charge. After a fairly relaxed 74 second first quarter the speed increased and the leaders split the 1600 somewhere between 4:48 and 4:50. Jeff, winner of last week's KOC 10k, was having trouble with his calf and made the wise decision to drop out. This left Kyle and Karl on the front, switching the lead and coming through 3200 in 9:40. Not far behind, Ben and Mike were doing battle. With a little over a lap to go, Karl put a little gap between himself and Kyle to solo to victory in the impressive time of 15:06. Kyle was 2nd in 15:14 and Mike gritted it out for 3rd in 15:35. Ben held on for 4th at 15:52. 4 people under 16 is a pretty sweet day.

Jake had the unenviable task of running a solo 16:41 effort, which, given his new workload, is quite impressive. Joel Brusewitz managed to get under 17 (16:57) with a great last lap, and Jeff Rumbaugh was next through in 17:48. John Blatz ran 18:14. He pointed out to me that normally he would place top 5 in races around here with that kind of time, but it's good to be reminded sometimes. Final finisher in this heat was Tank at what I've got as an unofficial 21:5x.

Awards will be sent out to top 3 finishers and I'll try and do that this week as I continue couching it up in NJ.

Many thanks to my dad, who drove me down here last night (and we were back in the car right after the race).

Next year hopefully we can call it the RM Classic as I will try to be out there running myself.

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RM said...

Ha! That's great! You were lickety split on getting that up there.

I would like to point out that it is still RM speaking at the end when I said hopefully I'll be racing next year. And that way we won't have to call it a Memorial anymore.

Thanks for coming up Karl D and Mike S!