Monday, February 4, 2013

Trivia Results!

Karl Dusen is the winner. 

In fact (and it pains me to admit this), Karl informed me that Chuck Kacsur had lost a race to a GRC teammate - Joe Wiegner. So, question #1 is void (myself and a few others were certain Chuck hadn't lost a race to a teammate).

Karl also informed me that Jordan Snyder represented the USA at the World Duathlon Championships. In researching this I found Jordan's old blog, which confirms this as fact. 

Karl got a perfect score.

Below are the results. Thanks for playing.

1.  VOID
2.  LTO
3.  LDO
4.  Boston 2008.  Patrick Reaves, Chris Bain, Jake Klim. Patrick Murphy, Jason Dwyer
5.  Hilary May
6.  Caroline White (2009 USATF XC Champs. Ran for the USAF in Ivory Coast)
7. Gerald Greenlaw
8.  Ryan Witters
9. Harvard (3)
10a.  E. Young
10b.  Alex Benway
11.  Princeton...all other Ivy League schools are, in fact, represented
Bonus: Peter "Towpath" Silverman


Sam L said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Karl behind a cluster of dumpsters paying a man in a trenchcoat for what looked like a sheet of answers to the quiz....

Anonymous said...

the conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe that karl somehow had a role in developing the questions, which lead to his "perfect score"... but seeing how "karl dusen" wasnt the answer to all 11 questions, i guess he just got lucky.

even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while...

- j$

KLIM said...

Unfortunately for Karl, the prize will NOT be sweatpants.

Karl D. said...

Jason, you know my ego too well. I don't know which is greater: my pride from winning or my disappointment that I wasn't an answer to any of the questions.

Breezy said...

My source at the pet store reports that Dusen was seen last night buying a year's supply of bird feed. He then walked to the liquor store across the street and bought a bottle of Glenlevit....

KLIM said...

Puddy *likes* this