Monday, February 4, 2013

GRC Monday Morning Coffee Pub Trivia

RULES: you have until 11:59pm EST TONIGHT to e-mail me (jklim007 *at* the answers to these questions. The person with the most correct answers (and subsequent points) when competition ends will win a prize courtesy of Patrick Murphy.

Anyone on the team, the GRC Board & Jerry outstanding, can play.

The answers to most of these questions can be determined by gleaning the blog history and reviewing teammates' profile pages.

Points should total 110...with the bonus.

I'll post the correct answers on the blog tomorrow.

1. Who is the only GRC athlete who has yet to lose to a single teammate during competition? (10 Points)

2. Which GRC athlete boasts the most accomplished high school cross country career, qualifying for the Footlocker National High School Championships twice? (5)

3. Which GRC athlete boasts the most accomplished collegiate cross country career, finishing third in the NCAA Division One Championship? (5)

4. What marathon did the fabled “Dream Team” run and who were its members (the top 5)? (2 per runner for a total of 10)

5. What GRC athlete was a member of 2 national high school champion relay teams? (10)

6. Aside from Sean Barrett, who is the only other GRC athlete (past or present) to represent the U.S.A in international competition?  (10)

(i.e. – running FOR the U.S.A. not simply running as an American citizen in an international race)

7. What GRC athlete ran on an NCAA champion cross country team? (10)

8. What GRC club record holder in a track event went to a college that does not have a track team? (10)

9. What college boasts the most alumni currently running for (and donning the singlet of) the GRC? (10)

10. Name the GRC athlete participated in the following sports at a collegiate level:

Field hockey? (5)

Skiing? (5)

11. What is the only Ivy League school not represented by an alma mater on the GRC? (10)

BONUS: Which team member beat Nick Symmonds in a collegiate cross country race? (10)

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