Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peachtree Road Race!

If anyone is by chance interested in racing at the Peachtree Road Race this year, it's July 4th in Atlanta. This is the one race I do every year.

It's the largest race in the U.S. with 55,000 people, but because of a wave starts, you'll probably get in toward the front with a sea of humanity behind you. Thanks to the new disposable timing chips, everyone will be timed this year for the first time. It's also serving as the U.S. 10k Championships this year, so competition should be fiercer than usual.

Sign-up, however, goes pretty quickly. If anyone's game to run it this year, click here.

It's definitely not a "PR" course, but it's pretty much the largest and deepest race around outside of one of the major marathons. Like the Boston Marathon, it's been a couple of decades since an American has won, so I'm hoping this is the year when we end the drought. Will it be you???

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Justin McCarthy said...

A race? In Atlanta? In July? I don't think my thick yankee blood can handle it. Good luck!