Sunday, March 15, 2009



P. Murphy reports that Red Fox Jake Klim won in 14:55 with P. Reaves finishing 2nd, Sam Blasiak 3rd, Injured Thunder Bain 6th and Melissa Tanner winning women's!!



P Murph said...

According to photo evidence from Mr. Kieth, Klim's time was 14:57.

Justin McCarthy said...

Nice! Congratulations!

Peter said...

Great job FOX and the rest of the GRC crew!

Peter said...

If I'm not mistaken 17:03 is a PR for Melissa. Congrats!

Melissa said...

It was a PR, close to that 17 minute barrier. Next time. Congrats to everybody who raced today and thanks to the DC crew (Sheena, Steve, PMurph, Diego, and Dylan) for coming up to cheer us on.

Jonathan said...

Congrats to Jake and Melissa on their wins and PRs, and to everyone else for a great race!

Jonathan said...
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KLIM said...

A good day for GRC all around in both DC and Charm City:

We had 6 guys under 26:50 and another 3 sub 16:00. This bodes well for Cherry Blossom. You guys should start talking about getting a pack together for that 10 miler. I think 5:20s is very doable esp after the taper. DO IT!

Billy ran a big PR.

Diego continues to show he's not "just" a track guy.

Bain is coming back (5:16s today).

Towpath is coming back (60+ last week).

JARRIN is coming back.

Melissa, who is NOT a 5k runner, crushed her PR and danced with the 16:00 barrier!

Press forward and stay healthy.

2FNslo said...

Looks like everyone's well prepared for a great spring. Nice job.

Dane said...

Fantastic job to all of you. WOW!

RM said...

Mostly I'm just glad that Melissa didn't outkick me, although it would have been great for her to get under 17.

BTW: did anyone happen to leave a black Nike jacket at Arjun's house afterward? If so, just let me know, and Arjun will drop off to either the Georgetown store or to Red Fox this week when he's down there.