Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday Races

Soooo... I guess I signed up for both races on Sunday. I can't remember signing up for the 5k in Bmore, but they assured me I have. So I have two options:

1) Be epic and run both
2) Be shady and let someone else run as covert operative "Patrick Hughes"

Any takers for option two?

(I realize the third option is to pick one, but then I wouldn't be able to find out what my 13k-with-a-3-hour-break-between-the-first-8k-and-second-5k PR is.)


RM said...

Go HUGE or go home I always say:


If you're already signed up, that means you already paid for your overpriced shirt and beer at the end of the race, so you may as well "run" it. You can run as fast or slow as you want. There's lots of intoxicated girls, including many holiday-appropriate gingers.

Plus it's a better story for afterwards. See:

Story 1: "Yeah so I did a race today, it went pretty well. Then I was supposed to do another one. But I didn't." FIN

Story 2: "Yeah so I did a race this morning, it went pretty well. Then I was supposed to do another race in the afternoon. And I did." FIN

You can see the subtle differences in how awesome(r) the second story is.

Peter said...

I second that; DO IT

P Murph said...

If you don't do both your nickname is changing to P. Hiddy.

RM said...

Or maybe P. Ughs

Get it, like pugh, or however you would spell the act of smelling something that stinks.

That was mean. I'm sorry.

Oh and the jumpoff for the after party is at Arjun's house, 1321 Clarkson St. It's in Fed Hill for those of you who are familiar, and best area to park is on Ostend St, west of S. Hanover. If you have any questions just email me at

Matias said...


St. Patty's Day 8K, ride your bike to Baltimore, Bmore 5K, drink with McGrath and other irish ppl.

Peter said...

For a guy who ran 100+ miles home from college, this should be doable. (just don't cripple yourself again)

Patrick Hughes said...

I think I'm just going to do the 8k. Logistically, getting to Baltimore in time to pick up my packet seems unlikely, plus my sister is in town for the weekend and I don't want to cart her around to watch me race all day.

That being said, my 5k bib is still up for grabs.