Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Mom!

As many of you know, my mom is the reason I got into this sport. She's been running (and frequently winning...at least in her age group) road races for as long as I can remember.

I think this picture was taken the last time my mom and I ran the same race, but different distances. It was taken ca. 1992. She ran the 10K; I ran the 5K.

This weekend, we will encore that performance. While I tackle the National half, Mom is taking on the full marathon. Yes, my mother is trying to qualify for next year's Boston (4:05), but is aiming more for 3:45. (I personally think she's game for faster!)

So when you head out to cheer on Saturday morning, look for Holly Turner. She looks just like me (we've been mistaken for twins, much to her delight), so I doubt she'll be hard to recognize. But just in case, she's Bib 2220.

Let's just say, I TOO want to be running marathons when my oldest child is a year off 30.... She's pretty amazing.


Melissa said...

Adorable picture! You'll have to stage a 2009 remake, complete with visor and what looks to be umbros:-). Good luck to you both!

sheena :) said...

That's sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing, Laura, and good luck this weekend! Is there an award for fastest mother/daughter duo? If not, I'm making you one...

Dane said...

Kudos to your mom! I think I had those blue Umbros you were wearing. :)