Friday, April 27, 2007

Penn Relays

Hopefully we'll get some live reports? In the meantime, the distance night already took place... I don't see any real big splashes... Wardian looked to struggle (31:45 10k)... perhaps Klim can seize the moment and expose a weakness on Sunday (if he still runs?)... or perhaps he will come back roaring?

College Women 5000 championships:
1 Aine Hoban Providence 16:07.01

College Men 5000 championships:

1 Scott Wall Oregon 13:57.64
2 Mark Steed Georgia State 13:59.64
3 Jordan McDougal Liberty 14:00.14

14 Hany Abdallah New York University 14:12.46 (Division III runner)

College women 10k championships:
1 Marisa Ryan Boston University 34:11.32
2 Carol Jefferson Liberty 34:37.27
3 Jennifer Adams Keene State 34:47.55 (DIII- gotta give props)

College Men 10k championships
1 Samuel Chelanga Fairleigh Dickinson 29:16.41
2 Joe Dare La Salle 29:25.84
3 Joseph Simuchimba Louisiana State 29:39.83

Olympic Development 10k
1 Daniel Kanyaruhuru unattached 29:17.21
2 Macharia Yuot unattached 29:20.11 (former widner guy- DIII)
3 Paul Ryan unattached 29:50.8

6 Marc Jeuland Carrboro Athletics Club 30:11.35 (former Swathermore guy)
9 Bobby Cannon Haddonfield Running Co. / Brooks 30:26.07 (Haverford guy)
(Marc and Bobby have both qualified for the marathon!)


MAX said...

what happened up to meinelt?

KLIM said...

Berdan ran 30:06...that is very good!

An up-and-coming sophomore from my alma mater (UMBC) ran 14:07 in 5k! His former PR was 14:45 and before that race he had only run 15:30!!

MAX said...

what does 30 and some change = on the roads? also, i think i might run pike's peek. who do i talk to about getting an entry? klim or jason?