Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10k challenge?

This was posted on an alumni forum I'm part of:

"Puma is doing a 10k the first Saturday in May at a high school meet a little south of D.C. and were trying to recruit runners. It will only have 26 starters because the person in last at the end of each lap gets kicked out of the race. $500 bucks to the winner, $400, $300, and some $50 bonus laps." You should email him at if you are interested or via the information below.

Tim Callinan Athlete Coordinator PRTC/Puma 856-340-5609


Scott said...

I heard about this race a little bit ago and it sounds like a cool idea. I definitely want to go and watch because I am curious as to the strategy. The early laps you just have to position yourself up front to avoid the mad sprints that will be taking place every home stretch. Then you probably can't help it once the field is down to 10-15. It will be just one long fartlek run I assume. I'd really like to do this if they do it again in the fall or next year.

Joe Wiggy said...

I like the idea of this... I won't be in good 10k shape but if I am around that weekend, I would think about doing it..... Munro... what you doing this weekend???