Sunday, April 22, 2007

Riley's Lock Run

We had a swell run at Riley's Lock today...some did 13, others 15 and a few of us 17. It was good to have so many people out for such a long run in such nice weather through beautiful Poolesville...getting a bit poetic.

I finished up the week just shy of 80 miles. My shins are still a bit hot and my legs are feeling battered but I felt better on the 17 today than I did on any other day this week.

We should have a good squad for next week's Pikes Peek 10k.


christiam said...

Speaking of Pike's Peek, I'll be volunteering at packet pick up next saturday, so I can pick up anyone's packet that day. Let me know if any of you is interested.

MAX said...

i told the pacers guys that WIGGY is going to win pike's peak and they will all be feeling like yoyos