Monday, April 16, 2007


Final tallies: Laura- 3:01, Dawn 3:12, Matt 3:19, rough spot for Luke- looks like he's dnf. Bernie 2:29.

Great job to all who braved it!
Laura looking at 2:52. Bernie holding at 2:28 with 5k to go, Luke at 2:45 pace, Dawn 3:07, and Matt 3:12.

Laura holding pace through 15K. Luke and Bernie sliding off about three minutes. No updates on Dawn or Matt. Concern for Dawn at this point. Matt should have just gone through the 10k so may need a little time to register?

Luke through 5k at 2:40 pace. Laura through the 10k at 2:45:56 pace. Dawn and Matt through 5k at 3:04 and 3:14 respectively. Bernie at 2:25!

Everyone looks strong early

Laura: F77
Luke Merkel: 1764
Dawn Sell: 6590
Matt Ernst: 9395

(friend and former teammate) Bernie Muller: 1145.


Scott said...

"With half an to go until the start of the men's race at the 111th Boston Marathon, the focus of all attention is the weather. Wind gusts have reached 50mph in downtown Boston, and reports from Hopkinton are that much of the assembly areas are under water. And the rain continues to pour down."

KLIM said...

On Saturday afternoon Max said he was NOT running.

Though, Max is in Boston and will (hopefully) be calling in with "live" results as it relates to LT, Matt and Luke.

I heard reports of 30mpw headwinds...not so great for a "point to point" road race.

You can listen to the race LIVE here -

Scott said...

I don't understand why he wouldn't run. He could just run shirtless, and his unshaved chest would act as both an insulator and water repellant. How tall is Luke? He is probably breaking the wind/rain for a bunch of people. A day like today is one of the few days where it pays to be short.

KLIM said...

LT first 3 5ks

0:19:43 0:39:17 0:58:53

Getting faster and faster...

KLIM said...


How bad were the conditions?

Joe Wiggy said...

Great job to all that braved the elements up in boston!

Dane said...

Congrats to all runners!

Merkel said...

Rough day out there. I had some hip issues which started to flare up after the first few miles. It was really starting to alter my stride so I called it a day at 10 before any long-term injury could be sustained. 22 days was just not enough time for everything to get back together in between National and Boston. You live, you learn... I am taking a week to cross-train. No more marathons 'till the fall. Congrats to all for braving it!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I also wanted to offer congratulations to the Boston racers. 26.2 is enough of a challenge without adding the additional obstacle of hurricane caliber winds, but you guys persevered. When my car was being blown around the beltway yesterday morning I was thinking of you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!