Sunday, April 22, 2007

London results:

Results from runnerunner:

1 » MR LEL, MARTIN (KEN) M25 2:07:41
3 » MR LIMO, FELIX (KEN) M25 2:07:47
4 » MR GHARIB, JAOUAD (MAR) M30 2:07:54
5 » MR RAMAALA, HENDRICK (RSA) M35 2:07:56
6 » MR TERGAT, PAUL (KEN) M35 2:08:05
7 » MR HALL, RYAN (USA) M20 2:08:24
8 » MR GOMES, MARILSON (BRA) M25 2:08:37
9 » MR ROBINSON, DAN (GBR) M30 2:14:14

Geb must have dropped somewhere between 30 and 40km. pretty impressive for Hall--first american and under 2:09.

so I was off on a few things: Tergat did beat Hall, but Hall was sub 2:09. Limo was third, not second. But whatever, close enough for good conversation on the run

nice run today fellas.


KLIM said...

Yes, it was great to have a corps group of runners out there for such a long run on such a nice day.

MAX said...

as for london, lots of elite runners dropped out. i wonder why? meb, Khalid, Geb, and others. Hall looks solid. the question now is whether he can keep it up for a few years. great run yesterday. my butt muscle is very sore, though.

Havegoats said...

this usually occures when one does pick up steve on a street corner

Scott said...


MAX said...

if you want i can put you in touch with massage therapist who is supposed to heal sore butt muscles. look this up piriformis syndrome(this is what i have)---

one day all of you will begin to get old, just likes cars do, and little things will start to break down and you will complain like me and go to massage guys and you will whimper about and everyone will make fun of you.

oh well, one of these days, i will be fully back and will make you all wilt in pain as i fly by like a bird with new wings. this will happen just as all of your youthfull zeal begins to tire out and you just want to sit by the pool and look at girsl and drink good drinks and sleep with a cool breeze in your faces.

such is life

KLIM said...

No, I simply enter wheelchair races.