Friday, April 20, 2007

Our very own Steve

Youngest american to make the trials. A shout out to the store as well.

by the way- at the houston marathon, a runner from Haverford, DIII, (my alma mater) also qualified... bobby Cannon. Bobby will face steve again at the Penn relays... which actually features many former DIII guys.

Yout from Widner, Jeuland from Swathmore (also an olympic qualifier- in fact a main rival of mine in college- I beat him a few times- but he had many more over me) I think a few others are DIII too, but I don't know them all.

I may drive up to see the race- any interest in hoping a ride?


Havegoats said...

ODM 10,000m
80 Macharia Yuot unattached
81 David Berdan Inside Track
82 Steve Meinelt Reebok/DLE Sports Management
83 Scott DeFilippis Mizuno Runners High
84 Daniel Kanyaruhuru unattached
85 Brian Donovan unattached
86 Elijah Kimeu unattached
87 Edward Callinan Philadelphia Runner Track Club/Puma
88 Bobby Cannon Haddonfield Running Co. / Brooks
89 Neal Holtschulte Columbus Running Co.
90 Nick Gramsky unattached
91 Paul Ryan unattached
92 Marc Jeuland Carrboro Athletics Club
93 Kris Koster unattached
94 Dan Kahn Saucony
95 Joey Zins Atlanta Track Club

Gramsky is a local guy- was an all met selection in 1996 and you can find him in many of the local results.

MAX said...

did anyone notice that steve is featured on the letsrun website.

KLIM said...

I am fairly certain that is where Jason found fact I am willing to bet my week's salary.

Havegoats said...

do I win your salary- cause I got it from runnerunner?

KLIM said...

Sorry, someone logged on using my name...I bet it was freakin' Scott! I never should have given him my username/pwd...

Scott said...

Blasphomy! Anyways, I am getting a ride up with a buddy to Penn for Thursday's races. Who's all going?

Havegoats said...

I'll be going up. I don't own a cell phone but I'm sure I'll see you by the water pit during the steeple.

Scott said...

Jake, aren't you the one who likes Donuts? Something like that. Anyways....

PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 19, 2007 – The Penn Relays, the world’s oldest and largest track and field relay meet, announced today that Dunkin’ Donuts has become an official sponsor of the prestigious event. The 113th running of the Penn Relays will be held at Franklin Field on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania from April 26-28. More than 17,000 athletes are expected to compete.

Dunkin’ Donuts will be the exclusive sponsor of all runners’ bibs, and will provide food and beverage for the officials and the Patrons’ Lounge. In addition, Dunkin Donuts will sample hot and iced coffee in the Penn Relays’ Vendor Village. The Penn Relays web site features the “Coolatta Fact of the Day,” and provides an interesting fact about the Penn Relays each day during the month of April.

“The Penn Relays welcomes Dunkin’ Donuts as an official sponsor” said Dave Johnson, the Frank Dolson Director of the Penn Relays. “With more than 400 officials waiting for their Dunkin’ Donuts coffee each morning, I can truly say that the Penn Relays will run on Dunkin’ this year.”

Dunkin’ Donuts very own “Running Cup” will kick off Penn Relays week with a charity run, on Monday April 23rd, at Franklin Field to benefit the Philadelphia Police Athletic League. The “Running Cup” will run with members of PAL and a charitable donation will be made to the Philadelphia Police Athletic League on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Dunkin’ Donuts is excited to be the official sponsor of Philadelphia’s most prestigious track and field event,” said Jacqueline Keown, Dunkin’ Donuts Field Marketing Manager. "The Penn Relays embody the excellence that Dunkin Donuts represents in the world of coffee and baked goods."

KLIM said...

I know - I am in the "Boston Creme 2,000m Run"