Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Night & Weekend Runs

The bad thing about this blog is that all the older posts/comments get burried back behind posts that are more recent and it makes it confusing to follow through with "old business".

That being said, who is coming out tonight to wish good luck to Max et al?

Who is running the 14 mile tempo tomorrow (SATURDAY) from the store?

Reply to THIS post only.

In the spirit of the Boston Marathon, I am including a picture of me and the late, great Johnny Kelley. I am sipping an Amstel Light while listening to Mr. Boston tell me about how he lent Jesse Owens shoes so that he could run aboard the steamer en route to Berlin in 1936. Good stories...good times.

For those who don't know, Johnny Kelley was named "Runner of the century" by RW. He won the Boston Marathon twice and finished 2nd seven times. Heartbreak Hill is named after Kelley...the site where his heart was broken so many times (losing the lead). He never ran more the 60 miles in one week and often only ran 40. He passed away last year.


Havegoats said...

I will come out tonight if people are still going.
I will be tempo running tomorrow from the store at 9 or shortly after 9.

And I agree, the format is unfortunate about buried posts, I tried to learn how to bump up by most recent reply but couldn't figure it out

Matias said...

My friend convinced me to run the Stop the Silence 10K tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to crank out a PR.

MAX said...

i will be there at 9oopm tonight. M

KLIM said...

I forgot to mention that I'll head out and meet around nine too.

Scott said...

I will be at the run tomorrow. I can't run a 14 mile tempo at this time, but I'll probably do a 5-6 mile moderato.

Justin McCarthy said...

I'll be there tomorrow morning.

christiam said...

I'll be there too.

smoney said...

I'll be there tomorrow morning. Can't make it out tonight, but good luck to all the Boston runners. I hope the weather isn't as terrible as they say it'd going to be.