Monday, April 30, 2007


I think we are onto something here. Intelligence + Healthy attitude+Team support=Success. This Team/Club is getting better, running consistently as a group and having fun and we are doing this without charging too many fees or requiring too much structure. It has morphed into a team/club that emphasizes improvement for all different levels of runner without so much as lifting a finger in terms of establishing guidelines, creating rules, etc. this is special.

Can this be kept up?

My assumption is yes.

The week after next, I propose a roof party at my place on 16th St. Lets do it on a sat.

I will think of a food and drink scenario and get back to everyone.

If you all of additional thoughts or ideas, let me know asap.

Enjoy the nice weather and remember ice baths and stretching equate to a longer running career.

FYI--Within a month I hope to be 90%. I never thought I could ever get injured and this happened and everytime I think I have it licked, the pain resurfaces. At least after the race yesterdayI could walk and at most, I am sore today. I am crossing the fingers.



KLIM said...


My $.02...

Stop down and get completely healthy before jumping into any more cupcake races. Only YOU know when your body is 100% healthy but my guess is that it will take some time. It's tough not to run when the weather is so nice and when everyone seems to be PRing with playground ease, however there is nothing worse than prolonging an injury. I lost 6 mos in 2002/2003 b/c I came back too soon from injury not once, nor twice BUT three times. It's taken me almost that long to get back on my two feet.

Not to patronize you, but you are a wicked talented need to only get healthy and you'll shine like you did last year.

If I had the authority I'd lock you in a room and force you to get healthy before you took another step.

KLIM said...


With your permission, I'll invite the Pacers?

Havegoats said...

I think Klim's advice is very wise. If there is a real injury there... all the ice and massage in the world won't fix it. ice and massage are for superficial wounds/injuruies... day-to-day comfort. They are also good for prevention. But if an injury is there... only time or a specific cross training that does not affect the injured area.