Monday, April 2, 2007

Wednesday run

I'm running from the store on Wednesday. I think Money and Lockwood are in. 6:15.

Count me in for a run this Saturday. I think we're meeting up for a trail run at the MD/DC border at 9am.

I plan on doubling on Saturday... and by double I mean doublefisting carbombs at the LT and DaveO Bday bash.


KLIM said...

Per Easter Sunday, I am going to do my long run on Saturday. I was going to run 15 from Riley's Lock (C&O Canal)around 9am. If anyone is interested in meeting for 15 (you can also run 13) let me know. It's a new location almost all of it on natural terrain. I ran here about a year ago and had to battle black snakes out sunning themselves after their long winter nap.

I will also be attending the Irish festival that evening. I'm bring my brass knuckles so I can fight people.

christiam said...

Count me in for the saturday double

Justin McCarthy said...

Considering my achilles is better, I plan on meeting at the store at 6:15, but only 4 miles on the towpath.

Nate said...

I'm down for Wednesday and Saturday.