Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Health Check-Up

Thought I'd post and see what kind of physical shape everyone, yes, even Jarrin, is in at the start of 2009. So, post your name and your conditions (liver problems OK is you feel you can talk about them...) and lets all see how everyone else is doing. Oh, so no one gets left can post your mental shape. Happy New Year.


Peter said...

Pelvic misalignment/hamstring tendinopathy: Significantly improving after 6 weeks of PT.

Left Tibia: Possible stress fracture or compartment syndrome.

Mental state: Surprisingly upbeat.

Allen Carr said...

Healthy, Mid-Base, Fingers Crossed

Starting workouts next and racing next month

KLIM said...


Left hip has been very good. I dare not say I've recovered. Running on snow and undulating terrain over the past week has made my hip and entire lower body sore...but a "good sore".

Neal said...


Health issues:
1.Right ankle (surgery last year, doesn't plantar flex/flatten naturally when sitting due to ligament repair);
2. Left ankle: Rolled again last week and quite unstable on trails;
3. Hamstrings/Piriformis : on the mend.

Decent base, but still building.

Hitting the track tonight (need to find one) for the first time since '05 tonight for some V02 max building 1000s.

Racing 3k/5k by late March. Thrilled to have some people to run with.

bain said...

1. Right hamstring tight as always but not a bad as it has been.

2. Right hip flexor tight--my biggest issue.

3. Right plantar still somewhat tight, but it doesn't affect my running at all.

Developing a strong base right now; I'm sustaining higher mileage than I ever have before, with no apparent issues--95-105 mpw.

Neal: BCC track is a good option, esp at night. Several of us are probably doing a workout there weds around 6:45 pm.


Melissa said...

I have no physical complaints, knock on wood. I'm also in a base-building phase, trying increase the mileage gradually enough to avoid fatigue.

As for mental state, I'm feeling pretty chipper/excited about the upcoming spring racing season.

What about you, Ernst?

Peter said...

Bain, you need to post your logs. I want to see how you structure those 105 weeks.

KLIM said...

Bain runs 70 of those miles post-happy hour. He also takes two days off a week too.

I actually got word tonight that Bain is starting a (b)log.

bain said...

Hah, Klim exaggerates. I have decided to keep a more detailed log of my training, but it is too detailed (read: boring) to make public. I am not sure yet if there will be a public version....

The use of the term "sustaining" is a bit forward-looking on my part; I'm only a few weeks in but I intend to sustain it for a while. I can give you the general structure of my week (probably will be the same every week):

Sun: AM long 18-20
Mon: PM easy 13-14
Tue: PM moderate 13-14
Wed: PM track workout 11-12
Thu: PM easy 11
Fri: PM moderate 13-14
Sat: AM easy-moderate 10

That gives a base of "singles" totalling about 90-95. Then I sprinkle in one or two "doubles", typically Sun PM, Wed AM, or Sat PM, each anywhere from 3 to 6, to get me over 100. If/when I grow my mileage to 120 or more, I will make the doubles more frequent/longer.

I also will try to add in more workouts occasionally, probably on Saturdays. If I want to do three workouts/wk, I will shift the track to Tuesday and do the second on Thurs and the third on Sat.

I also stretch, strengthen core, and massage with foam roller as often as possible after my runs. I try to cross train by swimming 1 to 1.5 miles Sat, Sun, and/or Mon, or any other night I can squeeze it in. And I try to do yoga 1 night/wk.

OK, I will stop before someone accuses me of making this my personal blog.

Neal said...


Thanks for the headsup. I went out tonight to do some 1000s... I was glad it was alone after the result. Progress begins somewhere I suppose.

Peter said...

That's a very solid program you've got going Bain.

JARRIN said...

Physical: Mending.

Have been running again for about three weeks. Top mileage is 2.2 miles per day.

Left Foot: Old Familiar (i.e., torn plantar) has been noticeably better since I started running; noticeably more flexible.

Right Foot: Constant agitation from metatarsal under point of origin of right big toe (arthritic and apparent calcification).

No other ailments at this time. Biggest problem these days is time constraints and too much food.

Mental: Stellar.

MATT - How about you?


Matt Ernst said...

I actually feel good physically. I, unlike most on here, have general old age aches and pains. I do wish I could get this 3 hr. marathon monkey off my back...

I look at what Bain is doing weekly and wonder if I started throwing in more miles...presently I'm in the 50ish range and I take Mondays off...that would be a good thing for me???

As for my liver...that's the only thing I have that can do the 3 hour marathon. Mentally...always open for debate.

Again, Happy New Year to all GRCers.

Justin McCarthy said...

Physically, I have no complaints right now (knock on wood) My calf still feels tight every now and then, but that's the worst.

As for my mental state, surprisingly upbeat. I'm still unemployed but I'm realizing more and more this layoff actually may be a positive event in my life.

MAX said...

This is an interesting set of comments. The less I think about running, the better I run. The busier I am with other things that I like to do, running becomes totally clear and easy. Went running this morning in the rain and loved it.

Life is an opportunity

Jonathan said...

My left hamstring was fairly sore for a few weeks in December, but it is better now. I spent the past couple of weeks doing easy runs every other day, but have started increasing my mileage back up this week.

Diego said...

Still a little pain in my upper left leg, the same pain that made me give up running. It seems that 3.5 years of no running at all was not enough to remove the injury completely.

Doing about 30-40 miles a week in 4 or 5 days (laugh at me if you want). Still adapting my mind to my new athletic level, and wondering how seriously I’m willing to take running, now that I know I will never be able to live on this, unlike what I mistakenly used to think in the past.

Ah, swimming and yoga once a week, and occasional snowboarding.

Unknown said...

Physical: sore muscles from getting back in shape and winter weight lifting, but healthy (finally)

Mental: have to dig for motivation to get on the bike indoors sometimes, but I'm pretty psyched for winter/spring racing

Matias said...

Interesting how many people are battling some form of plantar fasciitis. Mine flared up for the first time in my life and I think it's actually from cycling. Weird. I'd wake up in the mornings and my foot felt like a block of concrete, so I'd stretch it out a little before hopping out of bed. Doesn't really hurt during the run, well maybe a little at the beginning. The mornings are the worst. Who knew you could get hurt from cycling.

But back at it, things are feeling better, ready to CRUSH IT

KLIM said...

Crush it! Do it!