Friday, January 23, 2009



First and foremost,

I really enjoy running with the group on Saturdays. Its the only time I can run with everyone during the week.

For good or for worse, I need to do the run at 830am. I open the store at 10am and cannot run then.

Also, we do not want to have too many runners lingering about much past 1030am as the store begins to pick up and we need to focus on business. Our g-town store is our busiest location and we need it cleared for business.

I am not upset but rather disappointed as I will not be able to do either of the weekends runs since the Sunday run is at 10am.

As for tomorrow and every Sat, I will be at the store to open up for the National Marathon training program at 8am and then will do a run at 830am with whomever will join me.

As for the 10am run, people can leave their belongings in the back. However, post run, I would appreciate it if you socialize at a local coffee house or such.

Not trying to be a dictator but just point out some time constraint issues I am facing as well as basic store management protocol.



Peter said...

Where is the LOVE?

KLIM said...

Cooler heads have prevailed. After intense negotiations and after waterboarding only one person, we were able to compromise (ie - NOT have two runs).

The NEW Saturday run time is the store. This use to be the initial time, but was dropped to 8:30am in the summer to avoid the heat. 9am allows a bit more time for those in far away College Park, Silver Spring, NYC to get to the store WHILE permitting Max an hour or run time before the store opens. We also can drag our sweaty bodies out of the store before chic Georgetown consumers come in.

Please arrive BEFORE 9am so that we can be out the door at the appointed time.

I will be there at 9am tomorrow. See you there.