Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boston Team

Any other men out there running Boston this year? I want to put together a men's team. We need at least three and I know of three so far: Ernst, Jarrin, and me. Ideally, we would have some more depth, especially since Jarrin probably shouldn't run it (according to a recent poll). If you're still undecided, be aware that it may fill up soon. Please post a comment here or add yourself to the race calendar.

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sheena :) said...

Hey. I was planning on entering a women's team as well and wanted to see if anyone who has not yet registered would be interested in running for the team. I believe that we can have up to 15. So far we have:

Melissa Tanner
Caroline White
Lauren Gabler
Shannon O'Neill
Sheena :)

Post here if you're interested!