Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shamrock 5K

The SHAMROCK 5K is a super fast, USATF certified race in Baltimore. It's definitely a PR course. Last year I went through the first mile in 4:32...and I was in 5th place!! They cap the race at 4,000 and it fills up very quickly. It's run in the afternoon just before a huge parade. After the race we drink Guinness and whiskey without shame.

I am sending my form in TODAY via Active. Prices go up $5 after Saturday and usually it fills to capacity shortly thereafter.

Also, there is team competition. I think this is new this year. Please write "Georgetown Running Company" on your entry form if you plan to do this race. So far it looks like Hughes, Bain, Reaves, Double C and Melissa have expessed interested.




RM said...

The team competition isn't new, but it's also not based in any way on merit. It's totally based on the size of your team. If you have the largest team you win some dumb trophy. It's unfortunate that Charm City adopts the mentality that everyone's a winner, when really they're not!

P Murph said...

Keep in mind that the same day is the St. Patricks 8K on Pennsylvania Ave. Several others have expressed interest in this race including me, Timm, Allen, Alex, Billy (?), and Sheena (?).

Jake - how should we handle entries to this race?

KLIM said...

If you are interested in running this race (the 8K), please update the GRC RACE CALENDAR accordingly.

I will tackle this after the 10ks next month - USATF & GW BDAY

KLIM said...

FYI - as of yesterday there were 700 entrees remaining in the SHAMROCK 5K.