Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Run Question

After missing the running group on Saturday because I forgot to turn on my alarm, I decided to go out and do my first long run in my marathon training plan. I did 17-down the Mt. Vernon Trail, over the 14th St. Bridge, along the river to Rock Creek, then up Rock Creek to Tilden, over to the trails, down the trails and back to my place in Courthouse. I ran 2:15 for the 17 miles.

I averaged 7:30 for the first 9 miles but slowed down to 8:30 pace for the final 8 miles. Now some of the slowdown was due to some big hills in and coming out of Rock Creek, but I did lose energy during the second half of my run.

Should I be using goo or some sort of energy supplement on these runs? I'm thinking that it would have helped me after about 90 minutes into the run. When is the best time to take a goo packet? An hour in? 90 minutes in?




KLIM said...

Did you "crash" after 9 miles or simply slow down? If you crashed (lack of energy) I would suggest eating a bit more in the morning. Before a long run I have a little sip of coffee, some food and then drink half of a 32oz gatorade.

Brad Hudson, Ritz's coach, suggests taking a gel (or part of one) every 50 mins or 8 miles during a long run. You can also take a slurp of goo/gel pre-run. My stomach and goo don't get along well so I opt for the beans when I can.

If you didn't crash, this might pass next time you do a long run (ie - getting used to the distance). Remember your long run should be 20-25% of your weekly total.

Matias said...

What was the longest run in 2009 before today's 17?

Jonathan said...

I think it was more of not having a lot in the tank for the last part of the run. I had a small coffee, some water, and some nuts before I went out.

My previous long run in 2009 was the Saturday group run a week before-1.5 warmup to the store, 9 mile run with the group, and 1.5 cooldown back to my place so 12 total miles, but only 9 of it was continuous

KLIM said...

Instea dof water, try gatorade. It really does the trick for me. Sugars and hydration.

JARRIN said...

Jonathan -

What I do the morning prior to a long run is have something more substantial that will stick to me. Try oatmeal or bread and peanut butter and I always pop a banana. I eat an hour beforehand if I can.

Electrolytes are the key or I WILL bonk. During the run Gatorade is nice and plentiful but I try to place a real electrolyte "replenisher" somewhere along the route. I use something called Ultima. There are many others but this one works best for me.

As far as Goo - I usually only need two. I hit the first at mile 8 like Klim says, and then sometime during miles 15-18 depending on when I need it. If you feel hungry it's too late. You need to eat it when you are just beginning to remember food (as in the first sign of any sensation of hunger).

Race day, I do the same as described above except I hit one additional Goo with caffeine 20 minutes before the gun even goes off. I avoid caffeine in my daily life and race day it really gets me going.

That's what works for me, but everyone is unique and you should try different things until you find your own proven formula.

Good luck!


PR said...

17 continuous miles is also a big jump from 12 miles with stops. Once you get your body geared for more regular long runs (assuming it's been a while), my guess is that the fueling issue will probably become an afterthought.

Also, there's nothing wrong with hitting some slow splits during your long run, but ideally you'd want to flip 'em. Maybe start a 8:00-8:30 next time around and then build up to normal long run pace (7:30).