Saturday, January 31, 2009


The GRC is sending two teams to do battle against some of the biggest names in running next Saturday at the USATF Cross Country Championships in Derwood, Md. For most of us (including me) this will be the biggest cross country race of our lives. There are at least 3 Olympians in the race including Ritz, Fam and Torres not to mention all stars like Nate Jenkins, Fernando Cabada, MCM winner Andrew Dumm, Max King, Ed Moran, Sean Quigley, Luke Watson and Bret Schoolmeester to name just a few. The complete roster (updated every hour) is here.

The GRC is a sponsor and will be having an after party. The store might have other plans up their sleeves as well. Max has further details.

Hoping YOU will come so that we can drum up a huge cheering section...we are going to need it!

GRC's two teams include:

Patrick Reaves
Jake Klim
Kyle Smits
Sam Blasiak
Patrick Hughes
Billy Askey

Nate Timm
Patrick Murphy
Alex Eversmeyer
Jesse Keith


PR said...

You can add Meb to the list of Olympians...

KLIM said...

BREAKING NEWS: According to Dathan Ritzenhein's agent, he will not compete at the 2009 USA Cross Country Championships due to the flu.