Thursday, January 1, 2009


As I ran along with mighty Chris Bain and the RED FOX on some 14 mile run yesterday(the longest and hardest run I have done in 4 months, many thoughts popped into the head. At first, I was thinking that I was nuts to run this much today and for the first time ever, I actually had some doubt at to whether I was in good enough shape to run so long.

The only tactic I could hope to use was my mouth. I decided I would try to talk the whole time in order to keep the pace down and even use the old bathroom break drill a few times. For the most part it worked until the two young bucks took off over the last 3 miles or so. I thought, during this time, to give chase but thought better of it and simply stayed content to move along with the old Lockwood shuffle. I was perfectly happy to simply mozy on at a reasonable pace and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The last year and really, the last two years have been terrible for me in terms of running. Injury after injury. Granted, none of them have been like Jarrin's that have put me on the shelf for months but just little nicks and chips in the armour to make running less fun.

Like Jarrin, I took a journey during this time to visit specialists and others to help me cure my ailments. Because I was so interested in getting fixed I listened to what the specialists said and tried their remedies for a bit. For the most part they partially worked and more or less served as band aids or temporary fixes.

In retrospect, when my body started to feel beat up I should have simply taken a month off and gone to Jamaica and lived on a beach and enjoyed the good life. This would have provided a nice break from the mental and physical addiction of running. As all of you know, the sport can be all encompassing to the point where it dominates your very existence.

This is all water the under the bridge now. The legs are feeling better and a new year awaits.

Respecting the body means letting it live an easy and harmonious existence as well as making it do things it was not really meant to do.

I ran an easy 9 or 10 miles with Bill Askey this morning. We talked about Football and random things.

Bring on 09

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