Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Track Workout?

Hey, i didnt even know i could post in here...

I wanted to know if any of you guys is going to hit the track this week (hopefully you didnt do it today). It seems that on Saturday, while slipping I twisted my knee, and right now Im totally lame, but Id like to go to B-CC High School if I'm better tomorrow.

By the way, damned Derwood Course.
I'm so happy I'm not running in February.
Ill be there though, with a chair and a bucket of popcorn, right on that downhill curve. Ice on the ground, 200 people and 6 loops. Its gonna be cool, I hope some random guy forgets the spikes.

Thanks anyway,



bain said...

There was talk of moving it from Wednesday to Thursday, but I'm not sure what's been decided. Murphy? I'm game either day.

PR said...

How would Thursday at 6:45 work for you guys?

It's been a while since we've run a 2k/1k, if that works.

bain said...

Works for me.

Diego said...

me too

KLIM said...

I am going to try to make it, but will only be running some strides in spikes.

Patrick Hughes said...

I'll be there. Is there a locker room at the school, or is it best to show up in your gear?

bain said...

there's a bathroom you can change in, but no shower.

KLIM said...

Great workout tonight: Sam, Diego, Patrick3 (Murphy, Reaves & Hughes), Bain, Melissa and me.

3 x 2000m @ 10k pace (400), 1000m (400) & 5k pace

Reaves has the splits.

I bailed (as planned) after 2 sets and did 4x200 with Diego in anticipation for my 3k this weekend.

Note - Diego has some serious wheels. He went from 3rd gear straight to 7th gear on the homestretch. He left me in his dust.

Ice cold out.

We are getting a good strong group. Encourage others to come.

PR said...

6:25, 3:06, 6:21, 3:04, 6:19, 3:00

Diego said...

Thanks Jake, and Good Luck tomorrow!