Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

It was certainly an eventful weekend for GRC. Karl was not able to get his long-sought qualifying mark in Chicago, and he wisely shut it down after half way when he recognized it was not going to be his day. Don’t count Karl out-–he is determined to get back to the Trials and he will take another shot in the next few weeks. When I first started coaching Karl he told me that if he failed to make the Trials, it would not be for lack of effort, and he surely will give it everything he’s got the next time out. With his fitness level and good weather, he has a great chance of getting the job done.

Our Army 10 Mile contingent turned in some excellent performances, led by Anna’s 10 mile debut in 59:19. Anna ran very aggressively early and paid the price in the last 5k, and while she is pleased by the prospect of not having to race farther than 10k for the foreseeable future, she clearly has great potential at the longer distances. On the men’s side, Sam ran very well for this early in his season, and he will be ready to roll once he turns his focus to shorter races. Dave Wertz ran a 35 second PR, and he continues to amaze with his rapid improvement.

Last but not least, LJ finished third in Myrtle Beach, and earned an invitation to the Olympic Development team. Well done to all!

For the workout this week: we’ll try to keep the men together in one group. The framework of the workout is 5 sets of 4 x 400. Set one will be 72s, set two 71s, set three 70s, set four 69s, set five 68s. We’ll take a one minute rest within each set, and three minutes between sets. There won’t be too many of you who want to do all 5 sets, so we can modify this for individual needs.

Note that we’re at BCC this week, but we will be at a yet-to-be-determined alternate location next week.

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