Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 26 workout and links

From Coach Jerry:
It looks like we should be clear to use BCC for the rest of the year without any interference from those pesky high school kids (they have a a lot of chutzpah to want to use their own field to play varsity games at a time that is inconvenient for us). But I think it would be in our interest to have at least one more Wednesday workout on the mall, as that is an excellent way to prep for Club x-c Nationals, so stay tuned on that front. I'm also planning to hold a series of Saturday workouts on grass to help our preparation. We discovered on Saturday that Tilden Middle School has an excellent grass loop, so that is a venue we can use, and we'll also use the cell tower field in Rockville at least once. I'll get those plans finalized shortly and let you know. Futher to the topic of Clubs, Andy will be coordinating entries, so expect an informative message from him soon.
For the workout this week, the men will do 2 x 2k with a 4 minute recovery, 4 x 1k with a 3 minute recovery. The A group will go 76s and 75s on the 2ks, and 72s, 71s, 70s, 69s on the 1ks. The B group will go 79s, 77s on the 2ks, and 74s, 73s, 72s, 71s on the 1ks.

Please show up to BCC ready to warm up at 6:30. If you've been late in recent weeks, leave for practice a few minutes earlier.

Some links for your perusal:

UPDATE: this Sunday is the Marine Corps Marathon, and we have Brian Young, Lavar Curley and Sam "Kirby" Cole going for it- they can use whatever support you can provide. The course passes or comes close to the M Street store in miles two, four and nine, and Edoardo has said he wants to put on quite a show for the runners, so if you don't have other plans, try to be part of the effort there. Also, former GRC runner Chris Sloane will be racing.

The GRC is opening up the apartment above their store for those who want to participate in Halloween action on Saturday and then wake up on the race course Sunday morning.

Contact jklim007@yahoo.com for more information.

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