Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swan Song?

In an hour, I will be racing three miles in a tropical storm for our alumni race. I may get airborn or smassed against a tree from the 50 mph winds. I predict the winning time will be 25 minutes if we survive.

It will be a tropical storm 3 mile PR.


Peter said...

Dwyer, hope the race went well. Please post a link to the results as they become available.

havegoats said...

The conditions weren't that bad. warm enough. the wind was fine. the course was wet, but footing was reasonable. times were only slightly off. I ran 15:41 for 3 miles... on a pancake course with one lump. My pr is 15:18/or 15:22 on it...I don't exactly recall. I was 5th man for alum... we placed 5 in front of their four, but we lost 28 to 27. man! I was in very good company finishing within 1-2 seconds of guys who normally rock me (Zach Vaslow who ran Boston with us... curly black hair, yellow bryn mawr running company singlet) and two miler guys(both I think were 3:50 1500 guys) so for a 3 mile race I was pleased to be with them.