Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reaves 15:14 !

Atlanta, GA - Patrick Reaves smashed his previous PR by 20 seconds this morning by running 15:14 at a large 5k in Atlanta.

This breakthrough performance comes during the lead up to the Philly Distance Run and later the Marine Corps Marathon. PRs will soon follow like dominoes.

Reaves and I are both slated to run the National Press Club 5k next Saturday.


Peter said...

Thanks a lot Patrick, now I have to re-edit your PR's on your profile page! :)

havegoats said...

Nice work patrick! things are looking good for the fall peak!

PR said...
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PR said...

Thanks guys, I had the help of a lightning-fast course (300-foot net drop), so I'm not sure how fast this *actually* was, but "a PR is a PR," I guess.

Philly will be more of a real test in a couple of weeks.

Dane said...

That's crackin' fast. Excellent work, Patrick!