Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We have until October 10th to submit our squad(s). A little bit of strategy might be in place here, depending on who is running. Please email me if you are registered as an individual (which is fine... no problems for signing up for the team).

There are categories for a Men's squad, a women's squad, and a mixed squad. In all three categories, 3 runners score, and we can list 5 on each roster... no overlapping however.


havegoats said...

Folks who have emailed me as being registered: Melissa, Reaves, Bain, and myself. Rumors are circulating around phillipe regarding a 50 miler perhaps in lieu of the marine corps. I think we should run the co-ed race, this way everyone is a part of the team, and we have a little wiggle room in case the marathon gods claim one of the guys and thrash his legs. It would be great if we had another gal, so Melissa doesn't feel extra pressure. Please don't be shy, we're looking to have a good ole' time. Let me know if people think there is a better way to go regarding team entry.

Also, since my apartment is two blocks from the finish... I will be having some sort of gathering post race. more to come on that.

sheena :) said...

I'm running MCM... although I don't know how much pressure that would take off Melissa :)

Melissa said...

Sheena, your presence is soothing :-)

I'd definitely be in favor of a co-ed team. However, if you decide to go with a male squad we can try find another woman to make a female squad, too. Kelzie is doing NY. Are there any other women out there running Marine Corps?

bain said...

I concur that co-ed is the way to go, unless we hear from more folks and can support a team (or two?) of each gender.

havegoats said...

If you all can do me a favor and post/email me your confirmation number. it looks something like:

MCM2008-1264903 (this is mine)

there is a bit of confusion at this point in terms of team competition. there may be a separate category for running stores and we're not sure if we can list more than 5 on our roster or not.

Also, Phillipe is doing the 50 miler this weekend and will decide on monday whether or not he will run marine corps.

I'd still like to keep us all on one team:

1) Melissa
2) sheena
3) Reaves
4) Bain
5) Timm
6) Me
7) Phillipe?

If we can't all run on one team perhaps:

A) Melissa, Reaves, Bain, Phillipe?
b) Sheena, Timm, Me,

It is a little more risky, but it means we all count, and that means more to me... how about other?

sheena :) said...


Melissa said...


I'm fine with those teams, Jason. Being part of a team will be extra motivation for me not to run a stupid race and hit the wall.

PR said...

The teams sound great to me as well...I like it!