Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend Runs

I'll be at the store Saturday morning at 8:30am for the weekly group run. We should beat the rain by running that early.
I was thinking of starting the Riley's Run at 9:00am on Sunday. It should be a slopfest.


Matt Ernst said...

I'll be there Saturday morning..bring on the storm.

MAX said...

as you all know I am doing a Max self discovery thing and taking a break from running. i am now taking up saxaphone(another story). Anyway, I can open the store if people really need it open or maybe someone can lead the run and volunteer their auto as a place to store things.

also, I suggest someone lead a post run breakfast/coffee outing. Jarrin?

sooner rather than later I will be back out there but the bod and mind need to be into it heart and soul.

peace out

Peter said...

Who is planning on going to the Sunday expedition?
I trying to figure out transportation and if there will be a reasonable pace group (7-6:40)

KLIM said...

I am happy to sip coffee and ruin my stomach after the run. I am game.

JARRIN said...

Maxy - I'm in Miami until Sunday...



Diego said...

Hi guys, I just woke up and Im seing too much rain to take my bike...I back away. Where is the place you are planning to do the log run tomorrow? does it have any metro stop or something?

KLIM said...

Diego - you can metro to GROSVENOR METRO STATION and I can drive you from there. You would need to arrive around 8:10am.

Let me know if you plan on doing that and I can give you more detailed directions.

Melissa said...

I'm going to Riley's and will aim to be in your pace range (for as long as my legs hold up). I can do the Bethesda shuttle again- 8:15 departure.

Diego said...

Hi Jake, that sounds good.

I will be there at 8:10, lets say in the entrance of the metro station?


KLIM said...

Yes, go up the escalator and exit the station on the right. Go down the escalator and then thru the tunnel. I will meet you at the tunnel entrance at 8:10p.

My cell is 5083644980

What is yours?

Diego said...

OK, I wont get lost

My cell is 202 294 5309

See you tomorrow